"Sam, Wow! What an amazing result!! We can not express how thankful we are for everything you did to sell our house. You are a genius! Thanks again!!"

-j.a. Seattle, WA
"Excellent, professional, and above and beyond expectations! Sam listened, put energy into the pursuit of the right house, always answered our calls promptly, advised us well, and we felt we could trust him, because he is a person of integrity. Sam listened to what we wanted and needed. After having a different home fall through (when Sam was not our agent), and after looking for some time, we were ready to give up until spring. Sam persevered. He heard about this house that fit the description of our needs and called us. He encouraged us to pursue it, even though we were faint-hearted. His faith was strong when ours was weak. We are so thankful to the Lord and for Sam who was his instrument in our lives to pull it all together."
-m.c. Seattle, WA 
“One word – exemplary!  After careful consideration I can only come up with one suggestion – clone Sam!”
-m.h. Seattle, WA
"What a true pleasure to do business with you and your team of professionals - so many thanks!  I really appreciated how easy you made the process for me and obviously, the results are just great.  I'm so pleased to be moving on to a new phase in my life on such a high note.”
-d.h. Seattle, WA
“Excellent advice and assistance in staging home for sale.  I appreciated the many ways you reduced the stress and complication of making the sale.  Negotiation was very good.  Great work overall.  Thank you!  Your expertise and hard work was invaluable.”
-j.r. and h.r. Seattle, WA
“Excellent and very competent.  I especially appreciated Sam Konswa’s knowledge of the Queen Anne real estate market and of comparable sales.  The property was obviously priced correctly as it sold quickly.  The purchase agreement was wisely considered and worded, thanks to Sam!”
-e.s. Seattle, WA
“Excellent and directed at my specific needs.  Wonderful support and suggestions throughout the process.  Continued availability and support past closure has been a pleasant and appreciated gift.”
-c.b. Seattle, WA
“Top-notch on all counts.  Thank you so much for everything.  Will certainly be recommending you to friends in the future.”
-j.w. and j.r Seattle, WA
“Excellent!  Sam was energetic, savvy, honest and strategic.  He knew just how to get the highest price with the lowest investments.  I would highly recommend him.  Thank you!!”
-b.f. Seattle, WA
“Thank you so much for all your help in finding our new home!  We really appreciated your flexibility and honest opinions.  Between having a new baby and buying a house, our lives were pretty stressful, but you helped make it as easy as possible.”
-b.s. and m.e. Seattle, WA
"Excellent! Sam is very knowledgeable on real estate issues and particularly excellent on the Queen Anne area. Sam's expertise on preparing our house for sale was extremely valuable - the perfect combination of what to upgrade & what to leave as is. Sam's availability to us, either in person or by phone, was always immediate. Sam has high energy and enthusiasm that resulted in a most successful result in the immediate selling of our home. We would whole-heartedly recommend him as an agent."
-t.o. Seattle, WA 
"Overall the service was excellent. We appreciated the counsel in staging and pricing. We especially appreciated the work Sam did in the fine negotiations on the selling price. We can easily recommend Queen Anne Real Estate to others!"
-n.e. Seattle, WA 
"excellent - got the job done as we were told, and closing happened right on schedule."
-g.h. Seattle, WA 
“Sam was there for me every step of the way through both transactions. Sam made every stressful time much more bearable. Of course, he is an excellent negotiator and strategist when it comes to real estate transactions. There is no one else I would want to have represent me!” 
-m.v. Seattle, WA
"Jeff was incredibly knowledgeable and wonderfully friendly! We were first time sellers and he made the process so easy. Anytime I had a question, he would explain everything in detail. He provided great recommendations for upgrades to make on our home that would appeal to potential buyers. I would highly recommend him and we plan to use his services again!"
-n.v. Seattle, WA 
“Fabulous – Sam truly seemed like an expert and knew what we needed to do to sell our home!” 
-c.b. Mill Valley, CA
“The best imaginable…it was an excellent experience! Sam is quite simply THE BEST! I would refer him to anyone who wants to work with a knowledgeable adult.” 
-m.c. Seattle, WA
“Sam surpassed our expectations in every way, which is not an easy thing to do.  We feel that if we had not used Sam, we would have been at a huge disadvantage in the transaction. We will recommend him to everyone we know.”
-a.a. Seattle, WA
"Marcel was simply fantastic. Incredibly proactive, responsive, intelligent, and exceeded my expectations on all levels. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home!"
-k.b. Seattle, WA
“Outstanding! Sam worked very hard for us and knows the business well. Also, he was an absolute pleasure to spend time with.”
-b.j. Santa Barbara, CA
“Superb! We weren’t expecting to buy a home so we were completely unprepared. Sam acted quickly and professionally to help us through the process to purchase our beautiful home – a home that had multiple offers on the table. In addition, he was able to sell our town home in this crazy market – AMAZING! Our experience was wonderful and we would recommend Queen Anne Real Estate to everyone we know! Sam and his team go above and beyond what’s expected. BRAVO!”
-b.m. Seattle, WA
 "Jeff was so personable and professional and was a great guide for us, as we were new to Seattle. He was always there for us, day and night, if we had questions. He worked so hard for us, and his knowledge and experience secured us a great deal. I feel we were so lucky to have him in our corner as our agent. Really can't say enough positive things about Jeff. He's outstanding!"
-y.l. Seattle, WA 
“Friendly, timely, supportive, very knowledgeable. The service received made all the difference in the easy speed of the sale. I will work with Sam again and recommend him to all.”
-s.m. Seattle, WA
"Marcel was an absolute pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, patient, and always available. We will be sure to use him again in the future, and would highly recommend you to do the same!"
-j.p. Seattle, WA 
“Top notch! Sam is the BEST! Everything was thought of and handled with care and professionalism.”
-r.w San Francisco, CA
“Exemplary. The epitome of professionalism and courteousness.”
-r.s. Seattle, WA
“Professional, responsive, tailored. Sam is knowledgeable and communicative. He understood our needs and represented us well.”
-h.w. Spokane, WA
“incredible. We felt like your only clients.”
-j.q. Newcastle, WA
“Sam provided us with exceptional service, counsel and support.”
-j.s. Seattle, WA
“the service is excellent! I can’t think of anything that would have made this transaction go any easier!”
-t.m. Seattle, WA
“Excellent! Sam is truly a cut above!”
-k.j. Seattle, WA
“His sincerity was really remarkable.”
-t.d. Seattle, WA
“His loyalty to our family’s welfare above his own commission was demonstrated.”
-s.g. Pasadena, CA
“If I could bottle the experience so I could reproduce it, I would. If I could change anything about the experience it would be that we would’ve worked with Sam from the beginning.”
-d.t. GA
"Exceptional- We met with three potential agents. One priced our condo at $378K. The second suggested  $399K. Sam advised $445K. The condo sold in one day for $457,300. What more could we ask for?"
-d.t. Seattle, WA
"Thank you for everything you do. I'm so glad you're in my world."
 -m.b. Seattle, WA 
"Thank you for a positive, professional experience! Sam & team are the experts of Queen Anne. We will recommend and would love to work together in the future. Thanks for understanding our need and selling our condo in record timing (5 days is unreal)!" 
-m.g. Seattle, WA 
 "Jeff was incredibly attentive and responsive during our house search! He easily accommodated our needs and schedules and gave us space to create our own opinions about homes and neighborhoods. Never did we feel rushed to make offers. His patience, attention to detail and communication are second to none. Best realtor we've had!"
 -s.c. Seattle, WA
"Sam Konswa was a discerning and thorough professional. His knowledge of Queen Anne Real Estate is unparalleled and he was attentive to all our questions and concerns. Without Sam we could not have so effectively repaired and sold our property- with such amazing results. We are extremely thankful for his excellent guidance."
-m.a. Seattle, WA