Queen Anne Real Estate fields a unique team of Seattle's top brokers. In addition to our real estate expertise, all of our brokers have advanced degrees from well-respected, educational institutions including BA's, BS's, MBA's and a J.D. Many have held other positions prior to becoming agents including Wall Street investment banker, attorney, and agent for North America. We're leveraging our past experience and knowledge to add tremendous value to our clients' real estate experience.

Typically, real estate brokers compete against each other for clients. Our brokers collaborate with each other, turning the traditional real estate concept on its head, and bringing the combined skills, experience, and knowledge of our staff to each transaction.

Whether a client comes to us through one of our brokers, or they simply walk through our doors, we begin to narrow their search to a specific neighborhood. Once the neighborhood (or neighborhoods) is determined, the client chooses the broker that they would like to work with. Each of our brokers specialize in one Seattle neighborhood; by staying focused on one area, that broker understands the nuances of the real estate market in that neighborhood, including pricing to the block-by-block level, neighborhood concerns, issues of proximity, and neighborhood school choices. Furthermore, our brokers discover homes on the market that brokers from other companies simply don't know about because they are too busy trying to cover all of Seattle and surrounding areas.

Our method is a unique way of working in real estate that benefits our clients as well as our company. When you work with one of our brokers, you are potentially working with all of our brokers. You select the neighborhood you want to live in, and we pool our resources to find, and secure, the most appropriate home for your means.

We encourage you to meet our brokers and to contact us if you have any questions about Seattle's real estate market, the neighborhoods, or our process.

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